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Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment

Diamond cutting alloy wheels produces a superior, shiny finish that is guaranteed to make any car stand out from the crowd. Most car manufacturers are now fitting diamond cut wheels as standard.

If you’re unsure what a diamond cut wheel looks like, the finish is similar to the surface of a CD, with very fine lines running around the circumference of the wheel. There is also a contrast between the finish on the face of the wheel and the spokes.

Marquise Alloys can undertake repairs to diamond cut wheels using a refurbishment technique which, until the final diamond cutting stage of the process, is the same as that used for standard painted wheels. Your wheels will be cleaned using a non-corrosive chemical, before being prepared for paint. Once the painted wheel has been cured, it will be mounted onto a special CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) lathe, and the face of the wheel will be precision machined to give it the diamond cut finish. After machining a diamond cut lacquer is applied to the wheel before it’s returned to the oven for the final curing. Once cured, tyres are refitted and wheels are balanced.

If you’d like to know whether your alloy wheels are suitable for diamond cutting, our specialist technicians will be pleased to advise you.

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diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment