Dent Removal

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Keeping the appearance of a vehicle in good condition is fundamental to all car enthusiasts.

There is nothing more frustrating than returning to your car to find accidental body panel damage. This is sometimes difficult to avoid when parking your vehicle in close proximity to others. The most common panel damage is caused by careless drivers or passengers opening doors and letting them swing open until they make contact with your vehicle.

These dents and creases in bodywork can be unsightly and significantly lower the value of your car to potential buyers when you come to sell. Usually investing a small amount in the removal of dents will see a greater return when selling or trading your vehicle.

At Initial Impact, we keep up to date with breakthrough technologies/techniques and can remove dents in your car, in some cases without repairing and painting!

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal (PDR) keeps the costs to a minimum without the need to spend time preparing and respraying panels. As a company we invest in custom made tooling to ensure that where possible, we can repair body damage to the highest standard, even in awkward areas such as along panel creases.

This is why our dent removal services are regularly used by car dealerships and vehicle rental companies in Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

Regardless of the cost of your vehicle, we work with the utmost care to ensure 100% satisfaction. We can even remove dents and folds from plastic bumpers.

We can give you a no obligation quote for the repair of damage to any panel on your vehicle and in most cases without the need for you to even come to the bodyshop!

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